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Environmentalist, educator, world traveler, music lover, collaborator, lifelong language learner, running enthusiast, aspiring paella chef, 6th grade Spelling Bee champion, teacher, student, gardener and Peace Corps volunteer.

I'm an enthusiastic and resilient developer with a focus on backend engineering, Ruby on Rails and creating and consuming APIs. Prior to software development, I worked in the educational and environmental sectors, teaching languages (English, Spanish and French) and ecology, and conducting trainings and intensive projects based on environmental, health and social issues.

I made the switch to software development born from the desires to grow personally, to have a larger impact through tech, and to further challenge myself professionally and intellectually. Whether fleshing out the bigger picture, or deep in the weeds of a complicated feature, I love the process of researching and implementing quality code and learning from developers from all paths to discover and implement new ways to do something, and to built and maintain something great.

My experiences collaborating with others and working to solve ambiguous, complex issues as an educator and Peace Corps volunteer, my lifelong pursuit of learning, puzzling, and finding solutions, and my passion for making a difference in the lives of others are just a small part of what I have to offer. If you would like to share experiences or connect, please reach out and let's arrange a time to meet!

International Development
Environmental Education
Language Teaching