Hire Those Who Pivot

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Ben Greenberg, founder of hirethePIVOT

We are in the midst of the great resignation with people around the world changing their careers, many of them into software.

The people who pivot bring with them life and professional experience that can be invaluable in their new work as software developers. I call those experiences pivot skills.

Pivot skills can be project management, customer relations, team leadership, and so much more. Second career developers can provide a super boost of experience and proficiencies to your team that complement their technical skills.

I created hirethePIVOT to connect employers with second career developers for work opportunities. If you want to hire someone who can bring both pivot skills and technical skills then this is the place for you.

Thank you to Joe Masilotti whose open source railsdevs project makes this site possible.

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Hiring second career developers will make your project better. It will make your team better.

Watch this talk I delivered at RubyConf in Denver to find out more.

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A fellow traveler along the road of helping to empower career switchers, Simon Barker of Career Switcher to Coding has put together a fabulous article on some key Do's and Dont's of Creating Your Profile to truly stand out.

Read the article before getting started on your profile or to help you refactor it to be the best it can be.

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