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I am a front-end developer. My mission is to create highly intuitive products with a keen eye for detail, functionality, and a cohesive user experience.

In my storied history, I have been a filmmaker, a professional touring keyboard player in a funk/soul band, an audio engineer and producer, a video editor, a motion graphics designer, an AV technician, a videographer, and an instructor.

Though I loved working in all these fields, I often found myself wishing I could go deeper, build the software that interfaces with the camera, engineer the programs that help us create art, open up the 1950's Hammond organ and rebuild it to make it function like new.

When I discovered coding as a real path I could take, my eyes were opened to a world where I can take all my creative skills and merge them with my technical skills. It is a joy to build something from the ground up using something as abstract as lines of characters. When it comes to software development, I am hooked.

Aside from my professional work, I am an avid science and sci-fi nerd and I play a talkbox. Let's chat about science and music!

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